Hi, my name's AJ Shipp and I'm a photographer. I've done real estate, sports, car, event, architectural, engagement, Astro, wildlife, and portrait photography. I started taking pictures in 2019 when I got a Canon T7 for my birthday. Immediately, I began my career as one of Arab High School's photographers. I shot sports, events, plays, and anything else I could get access to take pictures of. 
In my senior year, the 2021-2022 school year, I was a part of Arab High School's Sports Production team. I and four other students photographed and videoed sports and school events. We created Gameday posts for all home and away games/matches. We also worked to develop Hype Videos for our sports teams. 
Through advocating for the creation of this class and team during my junior year, and gathering interest from students, coaches, and faculty, I was able to initiate the creation of a class so that we could work daily to ensure a successful program. This student-led class instilled a hardworking and collaborative attitude in all of us that isn't always possible while working as a lone photographer/videographer. 
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